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5 reasons to plan a cruise after you retire

After working hard for many years, you now have the free time to plan a well-deserved vacation. Imagine taking a trip to multiple cities you have always wanted to visit while having access to all the food you could ever want and all-day-long relaxation.

Planning a cruise might be the right fit for you once you retire. You may want to see whales off Alaska’s coast, walk on the white beaches in the tropics, or swim in the clear, blue Mediterranean Sea. You can also choose to plan a short four-day cruise or a full week. The options are endless.

Chance to learn something new

You may choose to stay primarily on the cruise ship or venture off at the various spots along the way. Often cruise ships will have activities such as dance lessons, trivia games, and even lectures during the vacation. You can participate in the many events that are put on by the cruise.

You can get off the ship when stops are made and spend some time around the town or city. Depending on how much time is given for you to explore the area, you may plan an excursion. If you’ve never been scuba diving, you could set up lessons. You might be interested in fishing for halibut and learn how to prepare the fish for dinner properly.  There are many opportunities to learn something new during a cruise vacation.

Ability to enjoy the transit time between stops

When you fly to a destination, you sit in a seat and either stare at the back of the seat in front of you or out the window. If you are on a long flight, you may get to watch a movie or two that helps kill time. Once you step foot on your cruise ship, your vacation starts. The whole time from one stop to another, you can eat, sing, dance, soak up the sun, swim, and have fun. Each cruise offers different activities and events. There can be live entertainment and games that you can participate in, and when it is time to dock at a city, you can get ready to explore. You can enjoy every minute on the cruise as you travel from one destination to another.

Less planning for you

The only part you must plan is the cruise itself and the duration of the cruise. Other pre-planning is optional. If you do not want to plan anything else, you do not have to, as you will have various options provided to you on the cruise. Many ships will offer excursions at each port which can make your options easy to choose from.

Infinite shopping and souvenirs

If you have the opportunity to drive to the port where the cruise takes off from, you can buy as many souvenirs and items as you want. The baggage allowance is different from that on a plane, and since you won’t be flying home, you can bring back as many gifts and items as you want. All your bags are stored in your cabin, and you can walk off the cruise at the end of the vacation will everything you bought.

More value with your money

When you plan a cruise vacation, you can get more bang for your buck. There are activities, meals, live entertainment, room service, and more. These accommodations can be all-inclusive, meaning you will not need to pay an additional amount when you take advantage of them. Once you are on the ship, all your worries can disappear as you know you won’t need to budget your spending during your vacation.


Planning a cruise may be the perfect getaway once you retire. Learn something new while you sail across the ocean and enjoy your vacation. You can meet new people and shop for the grandkids. The memories are priceless, and all you must do is book the cruise, and the rest is taken care of.

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