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Discover the Ultimate Hunting Experience In New Zealand

New Zealand is known worldwide for its stunning scenery, delicious food, and welcoming locals. However, it’s also a premier destination for hunting enthusiasts. With an abundance of game that includes red deer, tahr, chamois, and wild boar, guided hunting in New Zealand offers hunters a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else. From high, rugged mountains to rolling hills and tranquil valleys, New Zealand’s diverse landscapes give hunters the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure.

The red deer, or “stag” as it’s commonly known in New Zealand, is one of the most popular game animals for hunters. With an average weight of 500 pounds and antlers that can reach over 30 inches, red deer make for an exciting and challenging hunt. During the rutting season, from late March to early May, hunters can experience the thrill of stalking stags as they roar and clash antlers in an attempt to impress mates. For those who prefer a more relaxed hunting experience, guided hunts are available year round on private hunting estates.

Another popular game animal in New Zealand is the tahr. Originally introduced to the country from the Himalayan Mountains, tahr are a majestic and elusive animal that can be spotted on the slopes of the Southern Alps. With their thick, shaggy coats and impressive horns, tahr make for a unique and rewarding hunting experience. Access to prime hunting locations requires a good level of fitness and experience, as hunters must navigate steep, rocky terrain.

For those seeking a thrill, hunting chamois in the alpine landscapes of New Zealand is an experience unlike any other. Known for their excellent eyesight and agility, chamois occupy some of the most remote and spectacular landscapes in the country. With daily bag limits of four animals per person, a chamois hunt can offer an unforgettable challenge for experienced hunters and novices alike.

The wild boar populations in the country have grown unchecked and are now becoming a major nuisance to farmers and landowners, making them fair game for hunters. These hunts can be done year round and offer a unique challenge to hunters looking to put their skills to the test. From stalking to baiting to hunting with dogs, there are many ways to track down and hunt wild pigs.

New Zealand offers hunters a once in a lifetime experience. Whether it’s stalking stags, hunting tahr, chasing chamois, or tracking wild pigs, there’s something for every kind of hunter.

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