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Enjoying A Staycation In The UK & Having A Fantastic Holiday

There are many excellent destinations you can choose when you are looking for a fantastic holiday within the UK and do not want to go through the hassle of travelling abroad. The UK has many destinations you can visit on holiday that can help you have a fantastic time, and there are lots of things to see and do. There are many different types of holidays available in the UK, and if you are considering having a staycation this year, below are some holidays you can consider that will be lots of fun.

A Camping Trip In Scotland

If you are looking for lots of stunning scenery on your holiday and want to get closer to nature, heading to Scotland for a camping trip may be the ideal option. When interested in camping, Scotland has many excellent destinations you can stay at, with stunning scenery and lots of wildlife, and excellent hiking available. If you are lucky and get the weather while you are there, you can have a fantastic time and take lots of awesome photos.

A Canal Boat Holiday In Yorkshire

Another option for your UK holiday is a canal boat holiday in Yorkshire that will offer fantastic scenery and embrace some local history and culture. You can work your way along your route, navigating the various locks and stopping off at the many pubs along your chosen route. Take along some board games, and it will not matter what the weather is doing outside, and you can still have lots of fun on your canal boat.

Soak Up The Sun In Cornwall

Another destination that is popular with UK holidaymakers having a staycation is Cornwall, which has some of the warmest weather in the UK. There are various places throughout Cornwall where you can stay, and there are some beautiful sandy beaches and lots of water sports you can try, such as surfing and kiteboarding. Explore the small quaint villages in this county, embrace the Cornish culture, and relax in a historic part of the UK with lots to offer visitors of all ages.

Explore The Jurassic Coast

If you love your history and are a fan of dinosaurs, consider a holiday exploring the Jurassic Coast, which stretches 95 miles from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset. You can explore the many beaches and rock formations and go hunting for fossils, and many different types have been found in this part of the UK, including:

  • Sea Urchins
  • Seashells
  • Belemnite Fossils
  • Iron Pyrites Ammonites
  • Ichthyosaur Fossils
  • Plesiosaurs

A Campervan Holiday

If you are struggling to decide where to go in the UK for your holiday, as there are so many excellent destinations, you can consider a campervan holiday. Embarking on this type of holiday will help you see and do as much as possible and take in many destinations while on vacation. You can rent campervans in various sizes to get one with plenty of space for you and the family, explore different parts of the UK at your leisure, and ensure you have a fantastic time.

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