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Helpful Information When Buying Property on Lovely Phuket

The stunning island of Phuket sits in the Andaman Sea off Thailand’s east coast; it has a rich history and is known for its superb temples, beautiful beaches, and tasty local cuisine. This and a wealth of adventure activities mean that couples, travellers, and families, both young and old, flock to Phuket for a holiday. The island’s main resort towns are dotted along the east coast, although the provincial capital, Phuket town, is in the western corner. If you are thinking of building a holiday home or buying land as an investment, this article aims to help you in finding the right piece of land for sale. Phuket is a great choice with many great opportunities in the land development sector.

Plan Your Purchase Carefully

Having decided now is the right time for you to buy land on Phuket, it is important to identify what exactly you want and where it would ideally be. Once you have done this, go through the same process with the areas of the island you might wish to buy; nearby amenities and facilities could all factor into this decision. It is important to be realistic when deciding where to find your ideal piece of land. There is no point in targeting areas outside of your budget. If you do not already have one, appoint an experienced real estate attorney to guide you through the purchasing process.

Always Have Your Financing in Place

When setting out on any property-buying journey, it is vital to have your financing in place; whether you are a cash buyer or are arranging the funding with your bank, you should have these in place before any search takes place. If you require a mortgage or loan speaking with your bank and identifying your lending power is a great start, as it will define what properties you can then look at. Do not forget about the additional fees involved when buying property; these can equate to up to five per cent of the property’s value.

Make Sure All the Proper Research Takes Place

Once both your purchasing plan and finance are in place, you can start your property search for real, use well-rated estate agents and see what they have to offer, draw up a shortlist of any pieces of land that you might like to view and think of any questions you may have regarding the purchase and the lease that might govern it. Your attorney should conduct all the proper title searches, and an additional land survey is also a good idea to make sure you are fulfilling proper due diligence. Being aware of all the provincial and national legislation is also crucial to owning any piece of land or property.

The island of Phuket is one of the best places in the world to take a holiday, and it also represents a fantastic place to purchase your own piece of land; take a look at the property in Phuket today.


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