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How to Plan a Luxury Break

Once in a while, we all need some time away. If you have limited time off, and want to make the most of it, then you might be considering booking a luxury break. If you’re new to luxury travel, you may be wondering how to upgrade your break, and there are lots of things you can do to make your time away more special.

Book private tours for peace and quiet

Why spend your hard-earned break visiting tourist sites among the crowds? Book yourself into private tours and you can often skip the line and see more, and a tour guide can fit lots of attractions into a short space of time.

Look for some unique tours that let you see a different side of the city. Many websites let you book tours with locals, which can be an excellent way to get an authentic experience.

Find a luxurious place to stay

If you are planning on a luxury break, then the right accommodation is key to enjoying your time away. Look for a luxury resort in NSW which suits your travelling style. For example, look for features such as proximity to a beach, upgraded facilities, pools and spas. When you don’t have a lot of time away, it’s worth upgrading to the best possible accommodation so you can enjoy yourself.

Upgrading your flight gets you there in style

Business and first-class flights are a lot more expensive than economy, but they have lots of advantages:

  • You get a much bigger luggage allowance
  • Your seat lies flat and gives you lots of extra space
  • Many airlines have showers and facilities such as bars in first class
  • You get better food, entertainment and more

If you’ve never upgraded your seat before, you may be amazed how much better flights are in first class. From champagne when you board, to lounge access while you wait at the airport, there are lots of things that make that upgrade worth it.

First class can be expensive, but there are often deals that are available that can save you money. If you’re a frequent flyer, make sure you are signed up to loyalty reward programs, as you can often earn points to get free upgrades.

Planning some time away? Why not upgrade and enjoy a luxury experience? From your flights to your accommodation, there are lots of amazing ways you can take your break to the next level and enjoy it even more.

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