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Tips for an Unforgettable Beach Trip

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing beach getaway to recharge the batteries. The crashing waves, warm sun, and sandy shores all help to instantly melt the stress away. But a little planning can take your beach vacation from just decent to absolutely epic. This is how:

Pick the Perfect Beach Destination

With so many incredible beach spots to choose from, you could narrow down the ideal location based on things like your interests and travel logistics. Research the vibe, activities, dining scene, and lodging options for various beach towns before deciding. The right fit will make all the difference in your overall experience.

Scout Beach-Friendly Lodging

Once the perfect destination has been chosen, next pick the location of the lodgings for maximum enjoyment of the ocean and sand. Prioritize properties next to the beach so there is easy access to the shore.

Other convenient amenities to note are beach gear rentals or free use of items like chairs, umbrellas, and coolers; don’t forget on-site restaurants and pools. Reviews from fellow beachgoers will give you an on the best digs for an idyllic waterfront stay.

Pack the Right Beach Essentials

Having the proper beach equipment with you saves the hassle and expense of renting everything at your destination. Basic must-pack items include a roomy beach tote or wagon to haul it all, oversized beach towels, a small portable cooler, sunshade tent or umbrella, and plenty of sunscreen.

Bring your own sand-friendly chairs if you have them, and any beach toys or games for the kids. Water shoes, rash guards, snorkels, and life vests make ocean excursions more enjoyable. And don’t forget that portable speaker or e-reader for tunes and entertainment between dips.

Fuel Up With Beach-Friendly Bites

No beach day is complete without some tasty snacks and refreshing drinks to enjoy between dips in the water. Pack a small cooler with hydrating drinks and heat-friendly nibbles that are easy to carry.

Fresh fruit, individual hummus and veggie packs, crackers, trail mixes, jerky, and granola bars are all fantastic beach snacks. For something more substantial, pack deli sandwiches, salads, and kabobs that won’t get soggy in the cooler. And of course, don’t forget extra napkins, plasticware, and bags for cleanup.

Venture Beyond the Sand

While lazy beach days are magical, shake things up by exploring the surrounding area during your stay. Many beach towns offer great activities to add both variety and excitement.

See if you can book an evening kayak rental to paddle the coastline under the stars. Or go snorkeling or scuba diving to spot vibrant marine life. Rent bikes to cycle local paths and trails, or sign up for a fishing charter, whale watching excursion, or airboat tour of nearby wetlands. The people at Canyon Sports say that taking a break from pure beachside lounging injects new energy and experiences.

Make Time for Beach Sunrises/Sunsets

One of the most breathtaking aspects of any beach getaway is witnessing those glorious sunrises and sunsets over shimmering waters. These awe-inspiring morning and evening light shows are worth waking up or staying out a little later to savor.

Sunrises are incredibly peaceful, with the gentle lapping of waves and distant bird calls providing serene company as a new day dawns. While sunsets are more lively affairs, with beachgoers whipping out cameras and cheering as the sun puts on its colorful farewell display.


At the end of the day, the best beach vacations are all about adopting an easygoing mindset and immersing yourself in the breezy, carefree spirit of ocean-side living. It’s the simple pleasures that create those nostalgic beach vacation memories you’ll treasure forever. So soak it all up, create your own unforgettable traditions, and come home with a sun-kissed glow and incredible stories to tell.

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